Now, Karnataka teacher passes communal remarks, asks students to ‘go to Pakistan’

Karnataka: Days after a UP teacher asked students to slap a Muslim student, a teacher at a government school in Shimoga, Karnataka, was accused by students of asking Muslim students to “go to Pakistan” because “this is a Hindu country” and was consequently suspended awaiting a departmental investigation.
On August 30 at the Government Urdu Primary School in Tipu Nagar, Shimoga, Manjula Devi is accused of making similar remarks to two Muslim students in Class V in the classroom.
By moving the teacher in Karnataka, the Congress-led administration took the first step toward addressing the objections by doing so.
According to block education officer P. Nagaraj in Karnataka, Manjula denied saying such things but acknowledged reprimanding the pupils for disrupting class and insulting her.
He further said that while an investigation was underway, the instructor had been moved to another school within the same district.
He said that the department took action after receiving a written complaint on Thursday from A. Nazrullah, a local Janata Dal Secular leader.
The two students claim that Manjula instructed them to “go to Pakistan,” adding, “This is the country of Hindus.”
Later, the two kids complained to their parents, who then alerted neighbors about it. Nazrullah filed the lawsuit after local politicians learned about the issue.
In recent years, Karnataka has had incidents of racial intolerance involving its educational institutions.
The issue came to light a few days after a school principal in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, incited several pupils to strike a Muslim child after accusing him of failing to memorize the multiplication table because of his faith.
In Uttar Pradesh, a FIR was filed against the teacher after initial attempts to downplay the situation on the justification that the parents hadn’t complained were made. However, despite the fact that the fact-checker had withdrawn the video shortly before and that many people had already shared it on social media, another FIR was quickly filed against him for sharing it.

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