‘Kindness toward Humanity’ stresses eradicating gender bias

Srinagar: One of the biggest reasons you should watch women’s cricket is to eradicate gender bias from every thread of society. With women bring laurels in every field, from flying an aircraft to governing a country, so at the same time we should provide opportunities to women so that they can show their talent in every field and if we talk about sports then through playing any kind of sports, women can stay fit and healthy as once a wise man said health is wealth.
These words were expressed by Mr Zulfikar Hussain who said he will give each and every opportunity to women through his NGO ‘Kindness toward Humanity’ so that they can showcase their talent in every field.
“Our society suppressed women’s freedom across the world. Women were not allowed to do any kind of activities as they were confined to their homes only, but slowly and gradually they realised their worth and they started crossing the man-made barriers,” Hussain said, adding, “The world began to witness the rise of women. In that case, we should give women more opportunities and should encourage them in every field. A woman is no less than a man in today’s world.”
On the 3rd day of the Khelo JK India match, Odina High School (Girls) defeated Middle School Zalpora by 2 runs and qualified for the semifinals.

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