Social Development’ emerging as a career choice among students

Department of Social Work, University of Kashmir organises seminar to educate
youth on social development sector in the country.
SBI Foundation invites youth for Fellowship program in rural development.
Srinagar,  2023: Department of Social Work, University of Kashmir organised a seminar to raise
awareness on the social development sector in the country. Ms. Uzdah Mohammad Jawaid, former
alumni, SBI Youth for India delivered a talk on how the youth of Kashmir can facilitate societal
development at the village level, by working with communities and grassroots. The seminar was
attended by the Professors and students from the University.
Speaking at the Seminar, Ms. Jawaid highlighted the social work that the youth today can explore in
thematic areas such as Health, Rural Livelihood, Food Security, Environmental Protection, Education,
Water, Technology, Women’s Empowerment, Self-Governance, Social Entrepreneurship, Traditional
Craft and Alternate Energy. Some of these areas align with the India’s G20 goals this year.
The social development sector in India faces several challenges in reaching out to rural communities
while engaging youth in their development. Some of the rural challenges include limited
Infrastructure, language and cultural barriers, limited resources, lack of awareness, resistance to
change and gender inequality, to name a few. To address these challenges, social development
organizations need to adopt innovative approaches, build partnerships with local organizations and
community leaders, and work towards building trust with the community.
The seminar by SBI Youth for India exemplified that the urban youth have the right skill-set and
education to come up with unique solutions to challenging situations, and foster sustainable, inclusive
and resilient growth at the grassroot level of the country. These will result in building capacity and
empowering local communities to take ownership of development initiatives.
Inspired by US ‘PeaceCorps’, initiated as SBI ‘IndiCorps’ and then renamed to SBI ‘Youth for India’, SBI
Youth for India fellowship is SBI Foundation’s uniquely designed 13-month fellowship program that
came into inception in the year 2011. The fellowship provides a framework for talented youth to join
hands with rural communities, empathize with their struggles, and connect with their aspirations.

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