NIT Sgr celebrates International Women’s Day

Srinagar: The National Institute of Technology (NIT) Srinagar on Friday celebrated ‘International Women’s Day’ on the campus in which speakers acknowledged the vital contribution of women to society.

The event was organized by the PG Department of Physics and the theme for this year’s Women’s Day was “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality”. It emphasized on importance of technology in bringing gender issues to light.

The event was presided over by Director NIT Srinagar Prof. Rakesh Sehgal and Prof. Srabani Taraphder (Dept. of Chemistry, IIT Kharagpur). Institute’s Registrar Prof. Prof. Syed Kaiser Bukhari and Prof. Anju Sehgal (Ex. Principal, GDC Hamirpur HP) was Guest of Honor on the occasion.

Prof. Seemin Rubab from the Physics department was coordinator of the event. Head Department of Physics, Prof. MA Shah and other esteemed guests were also present at the event.

In his presidential address, Director NIT Srinagar, Prof. Rakesh Sehgal said, “Empowering women means creating an environment where women can exercise their rights, make choices, and participate fully in all spheres of life without fear of discrimination or violence.”

Institute’s Registrar, Prof. Syed Kaiser Bukhari said women play an essential role in society, and their contributions are crucial to the well-being of communities and the world.

On the occasion, Chief Guest Prof. Srabani Taraphder (Dept. of Chemistry, IIT Kharagpur) said that the role of women society is diverse and essential. “Women’s contributions are crucial to achieving social and economic development, building stronger families and communities, and promoting gender equality and social justice,” she said.

“It is vital to recognize, support, and empower women in all aspects of life to achieve a more equitable and just society. Women are multitasking and no one in the globe can replace their contribution,” Prof. Srabani.

In her keynote address, Dr. Anju Sehgal, ex. Principal GDC Hamirpur HP shared her academic journey with the participants. She said still in many parts of the country, women face significant obstacles to accessing education.

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