MC Hajin launches awareness campaign on property tax

Hajin: The Municipal Committee (MC) Hajin on Saturday launched a massive awareness campaign to educate people regarding the property tax in the area.

The officials of MC Hajin carried out a door-to-door campaign to spread awareness among the people regarding the property tax.

Talking to Kashmir Reader, an official from MC Hajin said they are going from door to door to make the residents aware that the tax is quite low and people should not believe in rumours.

The property tax is part of the development prospectus and an adverse image about it should not be believed or accepted, he said.

“We clarified to the people that there would be no tax on agricultural land and horticulture land. If anyone has any query on property tax, we are here to clear those doubts,” he said.

The official said the property tax plays an important role in the development of the area. “We will not leave any stone unturned in publicizing the tax and ensuring better collection of property tax from the people of Hajin,” he said.

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