Army upgrades Of Medical Centre at Demchok Village

Srinagar: Demchok village is located in super high altitude in far flung area of Changthang region. Indian Army has been focused on effecting visible and positive changes in the habitat for the community members of the village. In pursuit of the same, Medical Centre at Demchok village has been upgraded under Op Sadbhavana.
The Medical Centre did not have basic facilities for specific investigations and diagnosis, thus leading to referral of maximum patients to higher medical centres located far away from Demchok village. Keeping in view the hardships faced by the community members, Indian Army upgraded the Medical Centre by equipping and providing it with beds including mattresses, examination lamps, tube lights, ECG machine, dressing instruments, Artificial Manual Breathing Unit, Haemoglobin meter, Glucometers, Oxygen concentrator and other medical examination instruments.
The upgraded health care centre will contribute towards improved basic health care facilities of the community members and assist in better diagnosis and management of diseases. Indian Army’s efforts in co-ordination with the civil administration to upgrade the Medical Centre will go a long way for basic health care of community members.

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