PM should pull up Gujarat govt to come clean on sloppy investigation process: Cong on Morbi tragedy

New Delhi: The Congress on Thursday urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to pull up the Gujarat government to come clean on what it said was a “sloppy investigation process” in the Morbi bridge collapse incident.
In a Twitter post, Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge levelled a series of allegations. “Rusted cable of the bridge was NOT repaired. Bridge opened on Oct 26 without fitness certificate and official consent. Contractor was not qualified for the job. Municipality Chief knew that the bridge was open a day before the tragedy,” he said.
“Over 130 dead and no action been taken against the contractors and municipal officials? Is this negligence too an act of god,” Kharge questioned in another tweet.
“The PM should pull up his Govt to come clean on this sloppy investigation process,” he added.
The bridge collapsed on Sunday evening, claiming 135 lives. —PTI


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