‘Ailing’ Cong taking medicines from compounders, not doctors: Azad

‘Ailing’ Cong taking medicines from compounders, not doctors: Azad

New Delhi: Launching a fresh attack on the Congress, its former leader Ghulam Nabi Azad on Monday said the party needs medicines for treating it which are being provided by compounders instead of doctors.

Azad also accused the leadership of not having time for setting the organisation right and alleged that Rahul Gandhi does not have the aptitude or interest in politics.

Speaking to reporters at his residence, Azad who quit the party on Friday last, alleged that the leadership being projected in the party in states is making party members leave instead of uniting them.

He also said that he will not join the BJP as it will not help his politics in Jammu and Kashmir and that he would soon set up a new party there as assembly elections could be announced anytime.

“I can only give my best wishes to the Congress, but the Congress needs medicines more than my wishes. And, these medicines are being provided to the Congress by compounders instead of doctors and there is a need for specialists,” he told reporters.

“The party leadership has no time for setting things right in the party. The Congress is giving such leaders in states and promoting those who are making people quit the organisation rather than uniting them with the party,” Azad also said while attacking the party leadership.

He said the party’s foundation has turned very weak and the organisation can fall anytime and that is why he along with some leaders decided to quit it now.

“There are people who do clerical work in the Congress and do plants against leaders,” he said, while attacking those who have attacked him in the organisation.


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