Snake rescued from Pampore by Wildlife SOS

PAMPORE: Aliya Mir, project head Wildlife SOS rescued a snake from residential house premises in Saffron town Pampore in South Kashmir’s Pulwama district on Monday.
She received a call from the residents that they saw a snake in premises of residential house.
A desperate call to the emergency number of Wildlife SOS from the inhabitant of a residential house in Kadlabal Pampore who had observed a snake moment in their compound. The households were terrified and wanted Wildlife SOS staff to visit their house and look for the reptile who by than had logged himself behing the tile bars which were left in the garden., Aliya Mir told Kashmir Reader.
The rescue team from the Non Profit Organization, Wildlife SOS rushed to the spot and after assessing the situation rescued a big rat snake from the spot.
With an early increase in environmental temperature in the valley,the snake activities/witnessing have been on rise when comparing it with the previous years where these sighting used to be towards May month. In the April month alone Wildlife SOS received about 25 snake rescue calls and have been able to rescue 12 reptiles then releasing them back in the wild, she told Kashmir Reader.
The snakes kept under observation and later released back into their natural habitat.
The residents had a sigh of relief and thanked the Aliya Mir, her staff for the timely intervention.

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