Chinar Corps Commander inaugurates Oxygen Generation Plant Military Hospital Drugmulla

Srinagar. An Oxygen Generation plant, donated by Soldiers Independent Rehabilitation Foundation – a Pune based NGO was inaugurated by Lt Gen D P Pandey, GOC Chinar Corps at 168 MH in the presence of Rajya Sabha MP, Shri Vinay Sahasrabuddhe and GOC Vajra Division.
Yogesh Chithade and Sumedha Chithade from SIRF foundation were also present during the inauguration. The Oxygen Generation plant which has been installed is a container-based facility imported from Germany and manufactured by the INMATEC company. It can draw air from atmosphere, remove the impurities and can provide 95% pure oxygen at the rate of 224 litres per minute. A thousand litre cylinder can be filled by it in under 5 minutes.
This Oxygen Generation plant will make the hospital self sufficient in taking care of the oxygen needs not only during future pandemics, but also in managing medical and surgical cases which includes on an average 100 hospital admissions, 1500 OPD cases and 8-10 surgeries per month. Lt Gen DP Pandey appreciated the philanthropy work of Mr Mr Yogesh Chithade and Sumedha Chithade of the NGO, ‘Soldiers Independent Rehabilitation Foundation’. Speaking on the occasion, he said that, with the addition of this facility, 168 MH will measure up to the health care needs of our soldiers as well as the local citizens.


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