Baramulla field trip offer learning experience to SKUAST-K Entomology students

Srinagar: Field trip in apple orchards of District Baramulla was conducted under the directions of Prof Nazir Ahmad Ganie Vice Chancellor SKUAST- K, Shalimar to acquaint the students about the recent insect pest outbreaks due to climate change. Besides, some minor insect pests are now attaining the status of major pests on apple. The outbreak of leaf roller is providing learning experience to the Entomology students and other insect pests like fruit borer on apple. The visit was jointly conducted by the Department of Horticulture, Kashmir and Division of Entomology under the fruit borer group leader Dr. Barkat Hussain, and assisted by Dr. S. S Pathania. The visiting team visited Higam, Seer, Singapora nd Baramulla. Scouting group of Entomology students surveyed the region and collected the samples of pear Psylla, fruit borer, stem borer, aphids, leaf roller and other predators. Besides, students installed the pheromone traps as demonstration in the incursion areas and to know the exact emergence of fruit borer adults and mass trapping approach for fruit borer at an earliest.The joint group of SKUAST-K and Department of Horticulture, Kashmir interacted with the orchardists and on spot adversaries were also provided to reduce the pest load for fruit borer with the following adversaries.
Ø Mass awareness campaign in the incursion area
Ø Pheromone trapping @ 20 traps /ha
Ø Survey and Surveillance in and around the incursion areas
Ø Spray chlorpyriphos 50% EC + Cypermethrin 5% EC @ 125 ml/ 100 liters of water at complete petal fall Stage.


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