FCIK demands to clear ambiguity in release of pending payments by Director (A&T)

SRINAGAR: Federation Chamber of Industries (FCIK) in a statement said that the Industrial Sector is facing hardships due to the approach of Government towards burning issue of ‘Non Payment of Supplies & work done” to the unit holders. The government has done various works under languishing for which the payment have not been disbursed. Further, the payment is also pending where the department has done works & supplies made without Administrative or Technical sanction for the state & central sponsoredschemes and are pending from last few years.
The Director, Accounts and Treasuries, (A&T) Kashmir held recently a meeting with Treasury Officers (TOs) of Kashmir division regarding Payments.During the meeting, all the Treasury officers were impressed upon to make payments strictly as per GFR and Govt instructions issued by the Finance Department from time to time for prudence and bringing transparency. Besides, they were further directed to follow the Govt. instructions regarding expenditure cap in order to promote fiscal discipline, purchase through GeM, Administrative Approval and Technical Sanctions etc.
FCIK has said that we fail to understand that the government has executed the works under Languishing and also previously Supplies &works has been done by the government without obtaining the Administrative or Technical sanction. The unit holders has done the works under good faith as per the orders of the government departments andthe liability of the payment lies with the government. So on the other hand the Director Accounts & Treasuries is issuing the instructions that no such payment for such types of supplies & works shall be disbursed. . FCIK is of the apprehension such type of instruction are issuing gate for Redtepusum.


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