EPFO settles 5 pension cases in last Month

JAMMU: Pension is an important form of social security for employees and their family members in times of need and eventualities. Employees Provident Fund Organisation(EPFO) Regional Office, Jammu has initiated the process of settlement of Pension claims from the offices of Jammu and Kashmir itself.
Towards this, the Office has settled 05 pension claims in the month of February, which includes claims in respect of Late Kishor Soreng- Sheela Soreng (widow), Monika Soreng (daughter) and JemasSoreng (Son) with the monthly pension amount respectively being Rs. 2211/-, Rs. 553/- and Rs. 553/- . Pension claim has also been settled in respect of Late Shivani Tikooto, her dependent father (ShriKuldeep Kumar Tickoo) with the monthly pension amount being Rs.2156/- who visited EPFO, Jammu today to collect the PPO.
Both the dependent parents of a deceased are entitled to pension, where dependent father would get the pension first and thereafter the dependent mother is also entitled to Pension.
Another pension claim in respect of Late Parveen Kumar was settled in favour of Veena Kumari (widow) and Kunal Sharma (Son) with the monthly pension amount being Rs.2256/- and Rs. 649/- respectively. In all the above cases pension arrears would also be paid to the pensioners.
The Office has also processed cases of retirement pension of Shami Kumar Mattoo with monthly pension being Rs. 3435/- and Dalbir Singh Jamwal with monthly pension being Rs. 2687/-.
The pension claims are being accorded highest priority and efforts are being made to ensure disposal of maximum number of Pension cases.
In this context, it is pertinent to mention that the monthly pension is available to members if they have ten or more years of service under Employees’ Pension Scheme 1995 in one or more establishment(s). The eligible members may avail Superannuation Pension by applying online claim through their UAN Login after attainment of 58 years of age.
Provision of monthly pension is also available to the family of EPS members in case of unfortunate demise of an EPS member while in service.
The family member(s) may avail monthly pension by applying an offline claim through the employer of the deceased member.


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