Vaccination drive added great strength to fight against COVID: Modi

NEW DELHI: Lauding India’s COVID-19 vaccination drive as it completes a year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said it has added great strength to the fight against the pandemic and has resulted in saving lives and protecting livelihoods.
“When the pandemic first struck, not much was known about the virus. However, our scientists and innovators immersed themselves in developing vaccines,” he noted.
“India feels proud that our nation has been able to contribute to fighting the pandemic through vaccines,” Modi tweeted.
“I salute each and every individual who is associated with the vaccination drive,” he said, adding that the role of doctors, nurses and health care workers was exceptional.
“When we see glimpses of people being vaccinated in remote areas, or our health care workers taking the vaccines there, our hearts and minds are filled with pride,” he said.
The prime minister asserted that India’s approach to fighting the pandemic will always remain science based.
Health infrastructure is also being augmented to ensure that fellow citizens get proper care, he said, asking people to keep following all COVID-19-related protocols.

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