Groxery app transforming your way of shopping

SRINAGAR: If there is a snowfall outside, and one is warming inside home against the chilly winter, a thought to buy snacks hits your mind. What would you do? Either go out and buy yourself, or ask anyone to do it for you.
But now, with a phone click, you can order anything, and get it in just an half an hour, without moving an inch from the place where you sit.
These are the times in which we live now-a-days where you can buy candies of mere a rupee online. And this has been made possible to you by an online app Groxery store delivering daily use products at your door for over a year.
“Yes, we can deliver anything in just half an hour in parts of the city, irrespective of the weather conditions,” 29-year-old Malik Adil, the owner of the venture, told Kashmir Reader.
This pattern of shopping has become possible in Kashmir nearly three-decades after Jeff Bezos, the American-businessman who made it possible to get everything at home, in just a matter of minutes. Adil, a resident of remote area of Bandipora, will apply his idea to compete him in the Kashmir market, with a 70 lakh customer base. Nowadays he has an open market of over twenty lakh people.
For over a year now into the business, Adil has served more than 200 people a day, in Srinagar only. This is triple the number when he started. Groxery store is doing all this with the help of 40 employees, who are at present catering to Srinagar district with 10 thousand products in its inventory.
“So be it cosmetic, vegetables, everything is there,” the short bearded shy looking Bandipora boy added. He also serves chicken, mutton, daily bread and milk to a number of its customers at various locations. Adil operates his business through his app, which has been created, maintained by Kashmiris. From tech to business operations to administration, Groxery will be run by Kashmiri local workforce and not outsiders.
Groxery store is the third venture of Adil in his three years of entrepreneurial journey. At 25, he called his job from a less known company doing the same e-commerce business, to start his own event management company Pro branding 365. He took a finance of Rs 3 Lakh from a bank, ran his office from this rented accommodation with four people, which did a business of Rs 3 cr in just three months.
Today he has over 100 employees, working for his branding company in his 10 offices spread over 10 metropolitan cities across India, doing a business of billions, in 10 different verticals. He also runs two restaurants (Parsas), in Pune and Bangalore. While they were making money for him, while he used to be asleep, he started another venture Groxery store, with an aim to spread it across the valley.


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