Amid rising Covid cases KCCI urges for religiously following SOPs

SRINAGAR: The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry is deeply concerned at the spike in Covid Positive cases in Jammu & Kashmir.
An analysis of the spread of 3rd Covid Wave in Jammu & Kashmir can be directly linked to ignoring prescribed protocols by certain individuals amongst us.
Now, after previous lockdown stands squandered away and Kashmir is in a worse situation than ever before. The society is now facing the threat of 3rd Covid Wave: The need of the hour for the society is to now collectively and sensibly fight for 3rd Covid Wave. The past few days in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, the Government has decided to impose completle restriction on non-essential movement during the night to tackle rise in the positive cases.
The fight against 3rd COVID Wave rests now on the shoulders of the civil society and the general public. The civil society including mohalla committees, Masjid/Gurudwara committees and have played a stellar role in supporting, feeding and helping lessen the sufferings of the people. The general public have displayed exemplary patience and cooperation despite heavy odds and deep stress. It has to be borne in mind that the business community is presently undergoing the 12th month of a lockdown which has inflicted heavy damages to the economy. The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry urges the administration to keep the livelihood of the business community in mind before taking any future decision and tackle the situation in consultation with traders / business community.
The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry once against makes an fervent appeal to all the social and grassroot leadership, thinkers and intellectuals, general public and NGO’s to shift their focus on the prevention of the Coronavirus by religiously following the SOP’s and prescribed protocols with the thrust on the wearing of masks.

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