Dir Health Kashmir urges for awareness against the disease

Srinagar: Directorate of Health Services Kashmir on Wednesday celebrated World AIDS Day which is observed every year on December 1 in all the hospitals across Kashmir.
A spokesperson of the Directorate of Health Services said that the World AIDS Day celebrations were held across hospitals where people were given awareness and were reminded of that HIV has not gone away. During the programs, comprehensive health education was given regarding disease and measures to prevent it.
This year the theme of the day is “End Inequalities, End AIDS”, highlighting the fact that as much as the virus itself, the social stigma attached with also affects people.
The day is observed across the globe to spread awareness among masses regarding the spread of this disease, removing stigmas attached with its conversation and empowering those suffering from this life-threatening condition to fight back with proper health care facilities.
Director Health Services Kashmir, Dr Mushtaq Ahmad Rather said that the disease is known, its causes are known.
“It is our duty to aware people of its causes how it is transmitted and what are the implications. We need to educate our children about the disease,” he said.
He said this day has become the most highlighted healthcare day saying that slowly but steadily, people are becoming aware of its cause and prevention.
However, Dr Mushtaq said a long way is to be covered before those who are battling with the condition can truly come out and live with dignity in society.
“Every year the day is celebrated not only to spread awareness about the disease but also to remind the people that HIV has not gone away,” he said.
The director said the day is observed every year to educate people and honour those who have lost their lives due to this deadly disease.
AIDS is a life-threatening disease in which immune system becomes weak and redundant, thereby causing it to easily get affected by various infections which in most cases lead to death.


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