Dengue death toll in Delhi rises to nine, cases mount to over 2,700

Three more deaths due to dengue have been recorded in Delhi taking the total number of fatalities to nine, while the number of cases of the vector-borne disease has climbed to over 2,700, according to a report released on Monday.
This is the highest number of fatalities due to dengue recorded in a year in Delhi since 2017 when the cumulative death count officially reported was 10.
Over 1,170 fresh cased have been logged in the last one week, according to the civic report on vector-borne diseases released on Monday.
Of the over 2,700 dengue cases reported in Delhi this year, 1,171 have been reported this month till November 6. In October, 1,196 cases were reported. The total number of cases this year till October 30 had stood at 1,537, and the official death toll then was six.
According to the report, nine deaths and a total of 2,708 dengue cases have been recorded this season till November 6, which is highest count since 2018 for the same period. In September this season, 217 cases were logged, the highest count for the month in the last three years.

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