Kashmir parties versus BJP as cricket cauldron boils over

Kashmir parties versus BJP as cricket cauldron boils over

SRINAGAR: Kashmir-based political parties have taken a stand against the police FIR against Kashmiri medical students for celebrating Pakistan’s win against India in the T20 World Cup. But the BJP has lauded the police’s move and demanded more strict action against the students.

BJP’s former ally in the JK coalition government, People’s Conference chief Sajad Lone on Tuesday spoke against the police FIR against MBBS students of SKIMS and GMC Srinagar. He said, “If you think they are not patriotic because they cheered for another team, you should have the courage and the belief to wean them back.”

“Punitive actions won’t help. Have not helped in the past either,” Sajad wrote on Twitter. “We live in Kashmir and have to live with those who are ideologically opposed to us. But we’re confident that it is a game of narratives of discourses. And that we will win. We are convinced about the goodness of our ideology. We will prevail. But that is if you allow us to.”

At many places firecrackers were burnt in Kashmir when the Pakistan cricket team defeated India, and slogans in favour of Pakistan were raised, captured on videos. These videos were shared widely on Twitter, with several users and Indian cricket team supporters demanding action against the celebrators. This did not go down well for many, including the BJP. Police swept into action and booked several students of SKIMS and GMC under the stringent anti-terror law. At many place demonstrations were held in which the celebrators were called traitors.

For sitting MP and former chief minister Farooq Abdullah, the celebrations have nothing to do with Pakistan. He said it was done to provoke the BJP.

“They were children and young boys and this should serve as an eye-opener for the BJP,” Abdullah said at a public meeting here.

Former chief minister and head of the Peoples Democratic Party Mehbooba Mufti asked, “Why such anger against Kashmiris for celebrating Pakistan’s win? One hasn’t forgotten how many celebrated by distributing sweets when J&K was dismembered and stripped of special status.”

Mehbooba also said that Pakistan’s win over India in a T20 World Cup match should be taken in the right spirit, amid reports of anger against Kashmiris for celebrating the neighbouring country’s victory.

Jammu and Kashmir BJP chief Ravinder Raina accused Mehbooba Mufti of having “Talibani ideology” and said celebrators of Pakistan’s win over India in a T20 World Cup match would be jailed for “conspiring” against the country.

“Some leaders need security cover and are protected round-the-clock by our forces but their heart beats for Pakistan. Mehbooba is of Talibani ideology and she is answerable to the people for supporting an enemy nation which is pushing armed terrorists, conspiring against us and bleeding J&K. She has committed a grave sin,” Raina said.



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