Still no end to bizarre seizure of 2-wheelers

Still no end to bizarre seizure of 2-wheelers

SRINAGAR: Seizure of two-wheelers on Srinagar roads continued for the second consecutive day on Thursday, despite the strong concerns raised by the region’s two prominent political parties, the NC and the Congress. Scores of two-wheelers were impounded by the police on Thursday, witnesses and harassed commuters said.

Ali Jan, one of the victims, told Kashmir Reader that he was stopped by police at Residency Road, following which his vehicle was seized. He said he works as a salesman in the nearby market and was on way to work when he was stopped. He was wearing a helmet and had all the documents, but it was not enough to prevent the seizure, he said.

“I was a non-believer of the fact that police were seizing vehicles unnecessarily. A lot of friends told me that it was happening. Now I experienced it myself,” he said.

A father of two, earning some 12k a month which he has to spend on his elderly parents too, Jan was told to visit the police station to get back his bike. He had to be absent at the shop for the entire day as a result.

“Police did not understand my situation,” he said. “Now I won’t come to work on my bike, for sure, after I get it.”

A lot many people have been facing the same situation. Kothi Bagh, Shaheed Gunj and other police stations have a long queue of people waiting outside to get their bikes. Police have so far only said that seizing of some bikes is purely related to militancy incidents. “It has nothing to do with the visit of the Hon’ble HM,” IGP Kashmir Vijay Kumar said in a tweet on Thursday.

People have now found their own way of dealing with this harassment. They are choosing to stay at home. Abdul Lateef, a resident of Nowgam and a vendor at the busy Goni Khan market, is one of them. He believes it is safer to travel by public transport than by private vehicle.

“Because of distance, and traffic jams, I had bought the bike for convenience. It saved my time. I was able to give more time to my small business, and to my family at home. I am the only brother among five sisters. I have a daughter and my mother. Timely presence at home is as important as being at work. But the seizure is hampering it. I hope it ends soon,” he said.

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