Advisory For Fruit Growers Of Kashmir Valley

Srinagar:   In view of predicted precipitation farmers are advised to adhere to the following instructions:

Fruit Crops:

  1. Fruits still on the trees be harvested immediately for sale/storage.
  2. The harvested heaped fruit in orchards, if any, be shifted to sheds for further disposal.
  3. Leaf fall/defoliation of fruit trees becomes indispensable to save the trees/branches from breakage due to snowfall. Orchardists are advised to spray urea @ 3kg/100 lit. of water to enhance the process of leaf fall. It may be ensured that the fruits are completely harvested before the spray is done.
  4. Unproductive/less productive and heavily infested/dried trees be identified and marked for top working and/or removal to avoid further infestation.
  5. Preparations for pruning operation may be undertaken by arranging pruning tools and white lead paint / Chaubatia paste / Bordeaux paste in advance.
  6. Immediately after leaf fall start pruning operations.
  7. Clear water channels and drains to ensure complete drainage from the orchards/nurseries.
  8. Provide support/staking to trees/limbs which are not strong enough to stand without support.
  9. Stake newly planted trees to prevent damage to new roots as they take a couple of years to anchor firmly in the soil.

In case of snowfall farmers are advised to take following measures immediately:

  1. Shake trees to remove snow immediately from their branches after snowfall.
  2. If the fruit trees tilt, reduce the canopy load by pruning, and provide proper support.
  3. If the trees get partially uprooted, slowly pull back the trees to the original position after heavy pruning and provide proper support/staking to the main trunk to prevent further fall/ movement.
  4. If the top portion of the tree breaks, slantingly cut the damaged branch 2-3 inches below the broken point and apply Bordeaux /Chaubatia paste on the cut surface.
  5. If any scaffold branch breaks and bark is still intact, after heavy pruning, bring the branch to the original position by tying with a rope and/or bolting or using nails. Ensure that the union remains tight and apply Bordeaux/Chaubatia paste on the cut surface
  6. If the main trunk splits into two or three parts, it can be treated the same way as above.
  7. If roots become exposed/naked, immediately cover the roots with soil to avoid further damage.
  8. For protected structures (Green houses/polyhouses), carefully remove the snow to avoid damage to the structures.
  9. Maintain orchard sanitation by removing debris and damaged plant parts and collecting fallen fruits, leaves and twigs and dispose them of by burying/composting.

Field crops:

  1. Harvest the paddy crop immediately, if not done yet
  2. Maintain drainage channels of fields to avoid water logging in brown sarson, wheat and oats

Vegetable crops:

  1. Maintain drainage in the fields by making drainage channels/furrows.
  2. Continue transplanting of seed crops (cole and root crops) preferably on raised beds as soon as weather improves and the soil becomes workable.
  3. Continue transplanting of onion seedlings for bulb production and planting of garlic cloves on raised beds as soon as weather improves.
  4. Wherever harvesting of second crop of potato has not been taken up, it should be done after the weather improves.
  5. In case of snowfall remove the snow from protected structures (Green houses/polyhouses) to avoid damage to the structures.


  1. Bakerwals engaged in migration of livestock are advised to cross the highway passes before 23rd of October, 2021 which will be vulnerable to closure due to snowfall .
  2. Bakerwals will ensure, for their safety and that of livestock, station at places where shelter for their livestock is available.

They are also advised to store feed /greens for their livestock for the days between 23-25 October,2021.                                                                                                                                                                

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