‘Itehaad-e-Ahl Sunnat’ conference held in Anantnag

Religious scholars vow to stand against hatred, sectarianism

Srinagar: The grand “Itehaad E Ahle Sunnat” Conference was held with utmost zeal and fervor at Anantnag district of South Kashmir on Sunday with religious scholars and ulemas vowing to fight unitedly against the divisive tactics and misleading of masses on certain religious matters.
Large number of religious scholars and ulemas across Kashmir came together under one banner to prevent further attacks on religious and sectarian unity while sending out a clear message of unity and cooperation among both preachers as well as local masses.
The day-long conference, which was attended by a huge number of people across different parts of valley, came in the backdrop of concerted attempts of hatred and confusion among the masses regarding certain important religious matters and personalities.
Thousands of people across different parts of Kashmir valley thronged the venue to participate in the conference and enthrall themselves with the teachings of beloved Prophet Muhammad(SAW), which remained mostly dominated around building love and unity among each other.
Several top religious scholars and ulemas of Kashmir valley including Dr Nisar Ahmad Mubarki, Sheikh Ghulam Rasool Hami, Moulana Naqeeb Sahib, Moulana Owais Qadri, Peer Sameer Shafi Siddiqui, Moulana Mubarak Rubbani, Abdul Hameed Nayeemi, Syed Ishfaq Bukhari among many others attended the conference.
All the ulemas, unequivocally, vowed to fight against the attempts which they said were aimed to distort the ever-growing unanimity and harmony among the masses. While expressing anguish and concern, they said, that certain forces enjoying religious patronage were trying to create a wedge between the masses and invoke hatred against each other.
This grand conference, they noted, was held with the only purpose to send out a loud and clear message to such people that “we all stand united against such tactics and won’t bear any onslaught on our religious unity and collective consensus on certain sensitive religious matters and personalities”.
Amid slogans glorifying the contribution of Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Barelvi(RA), the ulemas threw light on their exemplary work and contribution towards building the very basis of Ahle Sunnah Wal Jamaat. Besides them, the contribution of world-famous scholar, Dr Muhammad Tahirul Qadri was also hugely praised and acknowledged by displaying their many books on certain sensitive matters, thus dispelling fabricated stories against them.
One of the organizers of the event, Aarif Mubarak, said that the conference was the need of hour as there were constant efforts of creating rift and confusion among the masses. “All the ulemas agreed to come together and stand against the growing hatred and confusion. We are highly indebted and thankful to them. In such times, this should be their prime responsibility and duty. We all will stand behind them as a rock solid to face and thrawt all such attempts posing a threat to our unity and brotherhood”, he said.


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