ICC a politicised body, we need to reduce our dependence on it: Ramiz Raja

KARACHI: Pakistan Cricket Board chief Ramiz Raja has disclosed that 50 percent of the board’s budget is based around the funds it gets from the International Cricket Council whose “revenues are generated mainly from India”.
Appearing before the Senate Standing Committee on Inter-Provincial affairs on Thursday in Islamabad, Ramiz said it was time for the PCB to reduce its dependence on funding from the ICC and start tapping the local market.
“The ICC is a politicized body divided between the Asian and Western blocs and 90 percent of its revenues are generated from India,” the PCB Chief said.
Ramiz said the ICC had become more an event management company and the PCB would have to make its voice heard if it does not want a repeat of the cancellation of confirmed series by New Zealand and England.
“What New Zealand did was unacceptable because till now they have not shared any information with us on what led them to abandon the series in Pakistan. But they are now trying to reschedule the series,” he said.
Ramiz hinted of some good news regarding the postponed New Zealand series in a week’s time.
He indicated that New Zealand cricket board was working on a new schedule to tour Pakistan.
Senior Senator, Raza Rabbani suggested that Pakistan board should now not play against New Zealand and refuse any series but Ramiz pointed out that this would not be possible as Pakistan was part of the international cricket community.
“The good thing is they are working on something which means they want to amend things with us.”
The New Zealand cricket team had arrived in Pakistan on September 11 for the first time in 18 years to play three ODIs and five
Twenty20 Internationals but left on September 19 without playing any match after their government and security agencies advised them to return home citing security concerns.
Ramiz, in a candid briefing to the Senators, also made it clear that he would unveil his plans for Pakistan cricket and the board in a week or 10-days’ time while in four weeks’ time he would have his team ready.
“To me it is simple if the national team cannot do well and win matches it means that everyone in the board from the tea man to the top official have failed in their duties,” he said.

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