Those behind spate of civilian killings ‘will pay price soon’: LG Sinha

Those behind spate of civilian killings ‘will pay price soon’: LG Sinha

Srinagar: Stating “every region, every citizen has forgotten history and has become future-oriented,” Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha on Thursday said that those behind the spate of civilian killings in Jammu and Kashmir “will pay the price soon”.

“First of all, I salute the civilians who were martyred in the (militant) attack, and pay tribute to them. The condolences of the Jammu and Kashmir administration and the entire country are with his family in this hour of grief,” reads a statement issued by the government in Hindi. “I have a lot of pain and anger in my heart. I assure all the family members, each and every tear of yours will be accounted for. 130 crore countrymen are standing shoulder to shoulder with all the families.”

He said due to the “barbaric killings of innocents, there is anger in the entire country including Jammu and Kashmir, the land of universal harmony.”

“Be it Srinagar, Bandipora, Jammu, Delhi, Madras, the blood of every Indian is boiling. I understand and trust your pain, your feelings,” he said, adding, “We have given complete freedom to the security agencies and these (militants) who are enemies of humanity will have to pay the price soon. We will not rest in peace until every drop of innocent blood is taken into account.”

Sinha said he also wanted to say to the supporters of militancy that their plans to “destabilize the journey of peace, development and prosperity in Jammu and Kashmir will never succeed”.

“In the last two years, the new heights of progress in Jammu and Kashmir are not being tolerated by the neighboring country and its few (militant) supporters. Today the youth of Jammu and Kashmir want development,” he said, “Decades later with new dreams, new role models are now before the youth of Jammu and Kashmir. Every region, every citizen has forgotten history and has become future-oriented.” He said 10.5 lakh tourists came to Jammu and Kashmir in July. In August, this figure increased to 11.28 lakhs in August and above 1.22 lakhs in September.

“Big industries are eager to invest here. This is not pleasing to the kingpin of (militants) sitting on the other side and some of his followers present here. They do not want peace and prosperity to come here,” he said, adding, “Therefore, I would also like to request the intellectuals of Jammu and Kashmir. Together we can fight (militancy), the biggest enemy of humanity.”

He said the security of 1.25 crore citizens of Jammu and Kashmir was the responsibility of the security agencies.

“I want to assure everyone, no lowering of guard will be allowed in this account. The protection of every single life is our highest responsibility and we assure you of it,” he said, adding, “I want to reassure the entire country and 1.25 crore citizens of Jammu and Kashmir that (militants) and their safe havens will not be spared. We will die only by uprooting the (militancy) from this land of saints and mystics.”

He said that it was certain now that the “progress on which Jammu and Kashmir has started, that journey is not going to stop.”

“We are committed to fulfill the dream of every single citizen of Jammu and Kashmir. Every moment of life, every moment, we will work with full dedication so that everyone can live life fearlessly,” he said, adding, “I once again express my condolences to all the families.”

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