NIT Srinagar signs MoU with Grassroot Innovation Augmentation Network Gujrat

Srinagar: The National Institute of Technology (NIT) Srinagar Saturday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Grassroots Innovations Augmentation Network (GIAN), Ahmadabad Gujrat to promote innovation, incubation and other developmental activities in Jammu & Kashmir.
The MoU was signed by Director, NIT Srinagar Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Sehgal and GIAN, Gujarat, represented by Dr. Anamika Dey, CEO, GIAN and Padam Shree Prof. Anil Gupta.
It was signed in presence of Prof. G.A Harmain HAG, Dean, Research & Consultancy, and few eminent guests from MVDUST, IIM Jammu etc were accepted both through online mode as well as offline mode.
On the occasion, Prof. Sehgal said the MOU would connect IIED Centre to activities of GIAN in the region to augment grassroots innovations.
The director said institutes IIED Centre and GIAN’s Jammu and Kashmir team would work together to deepen the cooperation between two entities and promote Innovation, Incubation and other developmental activities, particularly in J&K.
“The objective of the MOU is to establish a close partnership between NIT Srinagar and GIAN that will foster a collaborative environment in leveraging collective effort of both parties,” he said.
He said it will be their objective of promoting a vibrant, innovative and entrepreneurial environment for the development of the knowledge economy.
Prof. Sehgal said the institute will provide technology to support grass root innovators in the region and coordinate with GIAN. The initiative will help innovators in the region.
“NIT Srinagar through IIED Centre, shall allow access to its workshop and laboratory facilities for the grassroots innovators and outstanding tradition knowledge holders scouted/mentored by GIAN who will work in collaboration with NIT SRINAGAR students or faculty members,” he said.
On the occasion, Dr. Anamika, Dey CEO GIAN said GIAN shall help grassroots innovators of Innovation hub, NIT Srinagar by including them (the innovators) as beneficiaries under the purview of existing MoUs.
“The future MoUs that GIAN signs with external stakeholders, innovations mobilised by IIEDC-NIT Srinagar from various sectors and segments will also be given global visibility as a part of Honey Bee Network database including tech-pedia-in,” he said.
Dr.Dey said GIAN would act as a knowledge partner for innovators of NIT Srinagar. GIAN shall extend its support in designing initiatives, evaluation of innovators, and as an execution partner at the request of NIT Srinagar.
Prof. Anil K Gupta (Founder Honeybee Network, SRISTI, GIAN & NIF) delivered a special address on the occasion. He discussed various ideas on the occasion,
He said both NIT Srinagar and GIAN will work jointly to organise workshops/training, courses, etc., but will also be free to take up their own independent activities.
“GIAN shall allow access to its own workshop and facilitate access to the laboratory facility of HBN sister organizations like SRISTI for the grassroots and student innovators under this programme. The cost involved (if any) in the process shall be discussed mutually beforehand or arranged through other means at the discretion of IIEDC-NIT Srinagar and agreed upon by GIAN,” Prof. Gupta said.
Earlier Prof. Saad Parvez, Head, IIED NIT Srinagar said both intuitions shall take prior informed consent from the innovators and the Intellectual Property Rights of ideas and innovations shall be filed in the name of the original innovator/s.
He said NIT Srinagar through IIED Centre shall help in identifying and scouting innovative ideas for and from grassroots within the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir and neighbouring states.
Prof Saad said both NIT Srinagar and GIAN would act as knowledge partners during organizing of tech-fests, summer and winter school on inclusive innovations, hackathons, challenge awards, internships, etc for students.

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