Take all the precautions to prevent the anticipated 3rd wave of COVID: KTMF to Traders general public

Ensure increased compliance to Covid appropriate behaviour as Covid cases reemerge from Srinagar

Srinagar: Alarmed by the rising number of Covid cases in Srinagar, Kashmir Traders & Manufacturers Federation(KTMF) have appealed traders, shopkeepers, other business establishments and general public to take all the precautions to prevent the anticipated 3rd wave of COVID.
In a statement issued here, KTMF President Mohammad Yaseen Khan today said that “Increased compliance to Covid Appropriate Behaviour is the key to stop the reemerging virus from the capital city Srinagar. COVID is a concern and we want everyone to be safe and healthy. At our shops, we should follow SoPs strictly and provide free of cost masks to customers before they make entry into our shops.”
Khan said, “We all have to cooperate with each other as it is the only way to curb its spread. We can’t afford another lockdown now as our economy is in huge distress. While the business community was still struggling to revive after the unprecedented developments since past lockdowns & God forbid another spell of lockdown can create havoc for many of the families.”
All the retailers and shopkeepers in the city have taken a pledge to extend their help and cooperate with the authorities in fight against coronavirus.


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