JKCSF expresses concern over inflation, urges for uplifting local economy

Srinagar: Notwithstanding the increasing inflation in day to day consumer items amid the worst scenario of prolonged economic recession of covid 19 lockdowns, Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society Forum has expressed concern over the negligence of authorities in bringing the prices back to normal in the large public interest.
In a statement Chairman JKCSF Abdul Qayoom Wani said that the ramifications of pandemic Covid 19 and the continual lockdowns have already broke the backbone of economy of people in terms of agriculture, horticulture ,tourism and other mega livelihood earning industries but on the other hand the remaining part of trouble was completed by the inflation of the consumer items ranging from fuel of vehicles to the construction material like bricks the prices of consumer items touch the skies as a result of which the poor is becoming poorer and the rich richer. It has become very difficult for a common man to construct a residential house because of the dearth of construction material. It has become difficult to cultivate agri lands as the labor exceeds the production cost.
“Govt is in deep slumber and people of Jand K are suffering badly for want of streamlining the prices” Wani said
The local produce like crops and fruits have lost value due to various factors like high labor cost, subsidy on non local commodities that has decreased the demand of local produce.
JKCSF has urged the stakeholders to take this issue seriously lest the local industries of economy will get worsened.

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