The Bull Who Wanted to Fight

The Bull Who Wanted to Fight

Translation of an Arabic story for children

Uncle Sabir was a farmer having lots of land which he tended with hard work and care. Every morning he would wake up early so that he could start his work. He would be assisted by his son Ajlan in his work. He had two bulls whom he would use in tilling the land. The two bulls were called Hawran and Rakzan.
Rakzan was a hardworking bull who did everything to the best of Sabir’s satisfaction. Rakzan would be filled with joy when he would see colourful stretches of farms all around and smell the fragrances of flowers and fruits. Hawran, though, was not satisfied with his present condition and would always think of a life where he could have more challenges and lots of luxuries. He considered his present condition as stale and boring.
When greenery sprouted and plants and trees wore a paradisiacal look, Rakzan said to Hawaran, “Do you see this beauty all around, Hawran?”
“What is so beautiful in all this, Rakzan? The whole of the world is filled with such things. What do you want me to see in all this?” asked Hawran.
“Don’t you see this blessing that fills the whole earth?” said Rakzan.
“This blessing is for uncle Sabir. As far as we are concerned, we have got nothing to find in all this,” Hawran said.
“Why is it like that, Hawran? We have participated in the production of these blessings and its returns will shower upon us in the form of lots of food, facilities and comforts,” Rakzan said to him.
“You are a short-sighted bull. I am looking for a more comfortable life,” said Hawran.
In the meanwhile, Ajlan came to the farm and he heard the conversation between the two bulls. In response to their conversation, he said, “I also do aspire for a challenging life and lots of enjoyment like you, o Hawran.” Hawran smiled and said to him, “How would we satisfy our wishes and desires? Where are the challenges of competition in this boring work of farming?”
“I have heard that fighting competitions of bulls are organised somewhere nearby. People come to shower a huge amount of money on competitors. The participants earn lots of fame and wealth also,” Ajlan said.
“Let’s go and participate in these competitions because I love the challenging life, comforts and fame,” Hawran said.
“But let me first verify the conditions of the competition and other things associated with it,” Ajlan said.
“Don’t delay, because I have an intense desire to participate in such competitions,” Hawran said to Ajlan.
Ajlan approached the organisers of the competition and presented the idea of Hawran’s participation in it. The organisers wanted to see Hawran first.
Hawran felt very happy upon receiving the offer and he started dancing. Rakzan asked him, “Have you thought about these competitions, Hawran?”
“There is no reason to think about it, Rakzan. What is important for me is to find some adventure and fame,” he said.
“Maybe you will find adventure and fame through these competitions but you may not find happiness,” Rakzan said to him.
Next day Ajlan came. He and Harwan left home together. Harwan was energetic and skilful in his first presentation and demonstration. The organisers felt very happy at his spirit. Hawran felt very happy upon seeing the people looking at him with all attention and with their salutations.
Then he participated in the real competition. He, for the first time, realised the dangers involved in the game: the danger of death and injuries. He was injured many times. He received treatment for his injuries so that he could participate in the competition once again. He would be surprised upon hearing the claps and salutations of spectators for his performance, though they would see the dance of death between him and his opponent. However, he resolved to continue his participation in contests till he reached the top of the ladder of fame.
In a big match, Hawran entered the ring and started looking for his opponent. Before entering the ring, his opponent spent some time with his family and children and hugged them all before entering the ring. The competition began and so began the clapping and hooting of the spectators. Hawran began his attack with full force while his opponent looked very pale. The spectators were clapping for Hawran.
The opponent was thinking of survival against the mighty attacks of Hawran. But just then Hawran attacked him with his horns with such power that the opponent could not escape at all. The opponent received a powerful blow in his stomach and started bleeding like anything. His horns became drenched in blood. He fell on the earth while the spectators were clapping for Hawran.
The children of the defeated bull rushed towards their father and hugged him and began weeping. But the people in the stadium were clapping and clapping for Hawran. Hawran stood like a rock and was waiting for the next step with his horns drenched in blood.
It was at this very moment that Hawran became aware of what was happening around him. He saw the eyes of the opponent’s children filled with tears and he said to himself, “What did you do, Hawran? Is this the adventure that takes away fathers of children? If it is so, then to hell should go this whole adventure.”
Hawran came out of the ring in an upset mood. The organisers said to him, “Congratulations, Hawran! You have recorded a big victory today!”
“What do you congratulate me for? Do you congratulate me for robbing children of their father?” he said to them.
“Matches are like this and so is the competition,” they said to him.
“Now I realize the value of what my friend Rakzan had told me. How blissful is your life, Rakzan! You produce and nourish life while I stand here as the destroyer of life,” he said.
“What do you say, Hawran?” the people asked.
“I want to go back to uncle Sabir’s house,” he said.
“So that you will till the land after all of this fame has come to you?” they asked him.
Next day, Hawran and Rakzan were working together on the farms of uncle Sabir and Hawran was feeling blissful and happy. He said to Rakzan, “Now I know that happiness and feeling blissful is the foundation of life.”

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