Sheikh Tajamul passes away

Sheikh Tajamul passes away

SRINAGAR: Sheikh Tajamul Islam, the top leader of erstwhile Jamiat-e-Talba Kashmir passed away in Pakistan. He was 67.

Originally a resident of Shaheed Gunj in Srinagar, he had migrated to Pakistan in late ’80s.

Known for his fiery speeches, he had organised the students of Kashmir under the Jamiat platform during the early 1980s.

The student’s organization was initially supported by the now-banned Jamaat-e-Islami, it snapped all ties with the parent group over sharp differences in politics. It was quickly banned by the Jammu and Kashmir government after Sheikh said his party wants to emulate the Iranian revolution. Though Jamaat created a new group to organize its students, Jamiat gradually declined and eventually faded away with the rise of militancy.

Tajamul, was living in Pakistan and was a senior executive of Kashmir Media Service. He passed away in a hospital in Islamabad.

He is survived by his widow and daughter. Sheikh had done his LLB and masters in Urdu from the University of Kashmir.

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