Forces inimical to India trying to create atmosphere of instability: Rajnath Singh

Chennai:  Ever since the nation became independent, it has all along been the endeavour of forces inimical to India to create an atmosphere of instability domestically, Defence

Minister Rajnath Singh said on Sunday.

Addressing officers at the Defence Services Staff College at Wellington near Ooty, he said changes in spheres like the military power, trade, communication, economy and political equation could be clearly seen.

In this era of globalisation, no nation could be left untouched by these changes happening around the world, he said.

In such a situation, keeping the nation’s security preparedness in proportion to these changes or a step ahead of them is the need.

“Ever since our country became independent it has been the endeavour of enemy forces to create an atmosphere of instability within the country through one or the other means. Taking the history of the last 75 years, it seems that we have inherited the challenges.” PTI

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