PAGD in belligerent mood, says consequences of ‘humiliating’ people of J&K will be ‘dangerous’

PAGD in belligerent mood, says consequences of ‘humiliating’ people of J&K will be ‘dangerous’

Alliance passes resolution for restoration of Articles 370, 35A

SRINAGAR: The People’s Alliance for Gupkar Declaration (PAGD) on Tuesday came out with a surprisingly angry and challenging tone against New Delhi, saying that the Narendra Modi government at the centre is demeaning and disrespecting the people of JK.

This was said by PAGD spokesperson M Y Tarigami at a presser which was held immediately after a meeting of PAGD leaders at the residence of Farooq Abdullah, the leader of the alliance.

“In the meeting we were told that they will review the decision taken (of Aug 5, 2019), but nothing has come out of it,” he said.

He said that the alliance also passed a resolution demanding restoration of Articles 370, 35A and full statehood to all the three regions of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh.

“The government is feeling proud of humiliating, demeaning and disrespecting the people. This is not done, and will have repercussions. We will inform the people of India, civil society, and Parliament about it. The extent of the humiliation is such that the top posts in state and other cadres are held by outside officers while the J&K bureaucrats are being deprived of senior positions. Look at who the deputy commissioners and police officers are. These posts should be given to people of the place,” Tarigami said.

“The way J&K is being humiliated seems that only thieves exist here. The humiliation must be stopped as its consequences can be dangerous not only in J&K but in the entire country,” he added.

The government’s promises, he said, about development, employment and other things stand exposed before the people, as everybody knows what has been done.

“Look at the people of Jammu, they will tell you what happened to their land, jobs, and other key areas,” Tarigami said.

He also raised concerns about the recent government order in which employees could be suspended if found in any anti-national activities. He said that nobody can be deprived until proven guilty by the court.

He also said that the government’s claim of there being no political prisoners in Kashmir was a farce, as there are many. “There is an example of a detenue of Rainawari who was released after 15 years, so was another Lal Bazar resident,” Tarigami mentioned.

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