Syedpora locals call on DDC Chairman Srinagar & DDC Member Syedpora-Harwan

SRINAGAR: Scores of residents from Syedpora-Harwan territorial constituency on Friday staged a protest before DDC Chairman Srinagar Malik Aftab & DDC member Syedpora-Harwan Shabir Reshi along against the unnecessary interference of certain government departments in the ongoing developmental & public welfare works.

The locals from the area demanded that the DDC Chairman and Concerned DDC member must plead their case before the competent authorities so that this menace of blackmailing through mailing unnamed complaint letters to various departments is ended, once for all.

In a statement issued here, Malik Aftab said that while the Prime Minister’s vision thrusts on the rapid developmental progress of the rural areas however here in Syedpora-Harwan such growth is being stopped by some mischievous forces due to which people are aghast.

“Every now and then reports of absurd complaints from here reach to various government departments which only reveal that a vicious network of anti-national elements is behind such chaos-creation, whose ultimate goal is to tarnish the image of democratic institutions and crush the hopes of people,” he said

He said that these nefarious schemes now remain exposed. This is definitely not in the interest of the people wherein they are being unnecessarily harassed by certain government departments who don’t have any jurisdiction in the rural area.

“I am puzzled to hear that the routine constructions are being regularly monitored by some LAWDA officials who apparently have no jurisdiction in the area. Impeding the construction works in the area at the behest of some mischievous elements is only hurting the interests of people at large,” he said.

On the occasion Shabir Ahmad Reshi, DDC Member Syedpora-Harwan, revealed that these mindless complaints are a part of political vendetta which eventually proves to be detrimental to the infrastructural upgradation of Syedpora.

“Our precious time gets consumed in debunking the hollow claims made by some impish groups who in reality are upset with the people for not entrusting them with their mandate. And now with a pure spirit of vengeance they are trying their level best to stop the ongoing developmental works in the area,” Reshi remarked.

The duo, as per the demands of the locals, urged that the administration must take a prompt action against such mischief-mongers who in their utter desperation continuously raise trivial issues in order to halt the progress of the area.

“We also urge the allied government departments not to entertain such roguish complaints that only intend to create chaos and further add to the woes of the common people,” they said.

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