Army along with Health dept carryout Covid vaccination drive for Bakarwals In Machhal Kupwara

Srinagar. Indian Army in coordination with the Health Department, Kupwara carried out a vaccination drive for Bakarwals located at the remote belt of Machhal Tehsil. The Bakarwals were requesting for Covid-19 Vaccination & veterinary assistance for their animals for some time. Indian Army in it’s outreach efforts, reached out to the local health authorities, to address this concern. As a result of which, a total of 50 Bakkarwals including ladies were vaccinated with the first dose of Covid-19 vaccines.
Bakarwals are goat herders and shepherds at large and seasonally migrate from one place to another with their herds. As a nomadic tribe, they are spread over a large part of UT of Jammu & Kashmir. This year, 328 Dheras have migrated to the areas ahead of Shamshabhari Ranges at Machhal Tehsil, and have been grazing their flocks at these remote locations. They take abodes in areas which are quite far from the nearest road heads, thereby making it difficult to provide the necessary assistance. Indian Army took the initiative to reach out to these areas and get them vaccinated alongwith local health department.
Dr Javed Ahmed, Nodal Officer for Covid-19 vaccination in Kupwara district was also present for the drive. Army authorities undertook patrols to reach out to the remote areas to inform the Bakarwals of this vaccination drive and brought them to the nearest road head. People were very happy and grateful to both the Army and Health Department for reaching out to them and providing them the much needed vaccination assistance at the time of the pandemic.


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