AO Court in Kishtwar, imposes Rs 20,000 fine on erring Food Business Operators

KISHTWAR: The court of Adjudicating Officer (ADM), Kishtwar has imposed a fine of Rs 20,000 on 4 Food Business Operators for violating the prescribed provisions/norms of Food Safety and Standard Act 2006 and Rules and Regulations 2012 made there under (FSSA). A complaint was filed before the Court of Adjudicating Officer/ADM Kishtwar against the FBOs. The court served the summons to both parties included in complaint/case. On August 12, the parties appeared before the court where Adjudicating Officer Kishtwar heard FSO Kishtwar and Non-Complainant.
Non-Complainant parties felt guilty for violating the provisions of 26/51/52 of FSSA on which Adjudicating Officer Kishtwar imposed a fine of Rs20000/- under general provisions of 49 of FSSA to 4 Food Business Operators (Non-Complainants).

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