CUK holds ‘Habba Khatoon’ lecture series

Srinagar: The CUK’s department of Kashmir Language and Literature successfully conducted the “first ever” Habba Khatoon Online Extension Lecture Series with the participation of the large number of students, scholars as well as teachers.
The 15-day lecture series, was kicked off by the Vice-Chancellor of Central University of Kashmir Prof.Mehraj ud Din Mir along with Registrar Central University of Kashmir Ganderbal Prof. Mohd Afzal Zargar on 23rd June, 2021 virtually.
Following which, they said, a good number of participants including teachers, scholars from various quarters attended the session, which was aimed at bringing acclaimed and eminent speakers in order to get their expertise and guidance to help and enlighten the participants.
“During the inaugural session, the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor noted that such a lecture series was a rare opportunity for the students to get academic exposure and guidance from highly acclaimed and prominent experts of the field. Therefore, he urged the participants to take benefits from the lecture series and interact closely with available experts. On the other hand, Registrar, Prof. Mohd Afzal Zargar extended full support to the department and said that the Kashmiri language is rich enough and has deep roots in our cultural ethos,” they said.
During the session, a wide array of experts and academicians having achieved eminence in Kashmiri language and Literature delivered their keynote lectures, thus providing the students with an opportunity to gain new insights and guidance from the experts
‘’Among the speakers included Prolific writer, Prof Shafi Shauq, Former Head Department of the Kashmiri University of Kashmir on the topic “Kashmiri Language And Its Origin”. Prof Majrooh Rashid, also former Head Department of Kashmiri University of Kashmir, on the topic “14th And 15th-century poetry artefacts. Mohd Zaman Azurdah, a poet and academician on topic “Essay-As A Genre”. Prof.Mahfooza Jan, on topic “Yousuf Zulaikha-a Canon in Kashmiri Literature. Prof.Gulshan Majeed, on the “Tasawuff And Its Theatrical background. Prof. Rajnath on “Sound System in the Kashmiri Language. Professor Rattan Lal Takashi, on ‘’Short story and Kashmiri Short stories”. The final lecture was presented by Prof.Shad Ramzan, Former Head Department of Kashmiri, University of Kashmir, in a very insightful way on “Kashmiri Gazal and its different stages,” they added.
The Habba Khatoon Online Extension Lecture Series, they said, was a huge success. With the parent department receiving an overwhelming response from different quarters of the society. ‘’All the Guest speakers were welcomed by the Coordinator Department of the Kashmiri, Central University of Kashmir, Dr Irfan Alam and sessions were moderated by Dr Ali Mohd Dar, Assistant professor Deptt Of Kashmiri CUK and Dr Samreena Geelani, Assistant Professor CUK Ganderbal Kashmir,” they said.

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