NIT Srinagar hosts webinar on implementation of Rajbhasha Hindi in technical institutions

Srinagar: The Hindi Cell along with Counselling Cell of National Institute of Technology (NIT) Srinagar on Saturday organised the first webinar on implementation of Rajbhasha Hindi in the technical Institute.

The webinar was presided over by incharge Director NIT Srinagar, Prof. M. F Wani and Prakash Chandra Mishra, Former Deputy Director (Income Tax) and Hindi Officer (MNNIT Allahabad) was the chief guest on the occasion.

Assistant Prof. Dr. Ravi Bhushan, Hindi Officer and Assistant Professor, Dr. Neeraj Gupta, Incharge Counselling Cell were the coordinators of the event.

On the occasion, Prof. M.F Wani congratulated the organising committee for organising the webinar on Rajbhasha. He said Hindi language is among the oldest languages in the world and there is need to work more for its implementation.

Dr.Wani said there is a need to focus on its revival and our researchers and scientists should focus on translating the all-major scientific books in Hindi language, otherwise there will be a gap to adopt it as a Rajbhasha.

“Problems cannot be resolved by sending official letters or translating speeches into Hindi. There is a need for joint efforts from everyone and NIT Srinagar will be leading from the front to implement Rajbhasha on the campus,” he said.

Registrar NIT Srinagar, Professor Kaiser Bukhari said it is the first time in the past 20 years that NIT has organised a webinar on Hindi language. This is the right beginning and it will go a long way in improving the status of the Rajbhasha in the institute.

Prof. Bukhari said the impact of Hindi language in Kashmir is less as compared to other parts of India. During 1880’s Britishers had established the first English medium school in the 1880’s in Srinagar and it is still there, which had a major impact on Kashmiri society,” he said.

He said after Chinese language, Hindi is widely spoken by around 1.3 billion people in the world.

Prof. Bukhari said NIT Srinagar had already recruited a Hindi translator and the website is being translated in Hindi language to implement Rajbasha,” he said.

Prof. Bukhari appreciated the Hindi Cell for organising the webinar on relevant themes and stated such webinars are need of the hour.

He appreciated the Hindi Cell for organising the webinar on relevant themes and stated such webinars are the need of the hour.

In his key address, Chief Guest Prakash Chandra Mishra and Former Deputy Director (Income Tax) and Hindi Officer (MNNIT Allahabad) emphasized on the effective use of simple Hindi language and gave various meaningful suggestions.

He also briefed the participants about the Indian constitution where rules regarding Rajbhasha have been mentioned. Mishra said all 22 official languages recognised by Indian constitution are rashtra bhasha while Hindi is Rajbhasha for official use.

“ To overcome any difficulty, We can avoid tough Hindi or Sanskrit words, which are difficult to pronounce or translate. We can easily use words from other languages which are understandable to everyone or in other words we have to use Hindustani language,” he said.

Mishra said there is a misconception among the people that numerals were used by Britishers but reality is they were called Indo-Arabian digits. It is a mixture of Indian and Arabic digits and Britishers used Roman counting earlier, he said. “Indo-Arabian counting is the International style of Indian counting,” he said.

Mr Misha said in future, if NIT Srinagar needs any help or support from his side, he will be always available for them.

A formal vote of thanks was presented by Dr. Ravi Bhushan. He thanked all distinguished speakers and participants for making the event successful. He informed that more than 100 participants attended the session.

Dr. Bhushan also appreciated the role of student organisers including Ayush Kumar Electrical Engineering (3rd year), Prabhkaran Singh Mechanical Engineering (1st year) Atul Kumar Gupta Mechanical Engineering (1st year) for making the event a grand success.

He said Hindi Cell is committed to organize such useful events in the future also.

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