Mirwaiz greets people on Eid

SRINAGAR: Mirwaiz-e-Kashmir Molvi Mohammad Umar Farooq, who is under arbitrary house for almost two years now , extended heartfelt greetings to the Muslim World on Eid-ul-Adha, and said that the Festival of Sacrifice ,in essence, carries the life-giving message in which is hidden the true prosperity of humankind.
In the Eid message, Mirwaiz said this auspicious occasion teaches us the lessons of self-sacrifice, faith and belief in Almighty Allah and most importantly submission to his command ,the traits of Prophet Ibraheem (AS).
Mirwaiz said, as in the rest of the world , this Eid is being celebrated in J&K too while we are grappling with the challenge of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Due to which people are facing immense problems; however as Muslims we have pinned our hopes and faith on Allah Almighty that He will see us through.
Mirwaiz said that this is also the time to remember the great sacrifices that people of this nation have given and continue to do so , as a consequence of the lingering Kashmir conflict . Leaders of our nation and thousands of Kasmiris, mostly our youth, are languishing in jails and detention centres. We remember them in our prayers and in our celebrations. We are hopeful that all the sacrifices rendered will inshallah be rewarded.


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