Six ATF centres to come up across Kashmir hospitals: Dir Health

Srinagar: Marking the observance of the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, Director Health Services Kashmir, Dr Mushtaq Ahmad Rather on Saturday said DHSK is coming up with six Addiction Treatment Facilities (ATF) in district hospitals in collaboration with National Drug Dependence Treatment Centre (NDDTC), AIIMS.
A spokesperson of Directorate of Health Services Kashmir said, the director in his message delivered on the day said “we don’t have to be in denial about substance use disorders in our society.”
The director said within a short time the DHSK is coming up with 6 Addiction Treatment Facilities (ATF) in district hospitals in collaboration with NDDTC, AIIMS.
“The work on this project is going on. These centers would be soon established,” he said.
“We are sitting on a volcano of substance use. Our society has moved from soft to hard drugs in a short span and being in denial about the same is catastrophic,” he said.
The International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking is a United Nations International Day against drug abuse and the illegal drug trade. It is observed annually on 26 June, since 1989.
Dr Mushtaq said this year’s theme is “Share Facts On Drugs, Save Lives” saying that “we should fight drug addiction from multiple angles and talk to our children.”
“From medical point of view we recognize the problem and are taking steps for mitigation of the same. We need to fight this issue from multiple sides,” the director said.
“Substance Use Disorder patients will not need to travel to Srinagar for their treatment; it will be available to them in their own Districts through proper and professional way, which will include medical management and counseling,” Dr Mushtaq said.
He said the foremost thing is that parents should talk to their children and communicate with them. “They should not let them be in isolation. Parents should see how their children are studying, behavior patterns. They should seek medical help if needed,” he said.
The director said from society level Masjid committees, Gurduwara committees, Mandir committees they should also play their own part in counseling and identifying these people and seeking help.
“Those involved or affected by the drug abuse should not be left alone or stigmatized. Instead they need our love, care and affection so that we help them in coming out from addiction,” the director said.
He requested all stakeholders to fight this menace from multiple dimensions.


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