CUK Dept of Kashmiri, DSW jointly hold webinar to commemorate day

Ganderbal: To commemorate the ‘World Environment Day’, the Department of Kashmiri in collaboration with the Directorate of Students Welfare (DSW), Central University of Kashmir (CUK) organised a webinar “Quran and Environment,” on Saturday.
Vice Chancellor, Prof. Mehraj ud Din Mir, former, Vice Chancellor, Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU) & Director Islamic Foundation for Science and Environment, Prof. Mohammad Aslam Parvaiz, Registrar, Prof. M Afzal Zargar, Deans of Schools, Heads and Coordinators, faculty members, students and other staffers attended the programme.
Speaking on the occasion, Vice Chancellor, Prof. Mehraj ud Din Mir, said the damaged ecosystem could be restored by planting saplings, greening cities and cleaning up rivers and streams. “The Covid-19 pandemic has reminded mankind of the harm caused to nature and how important it is to protect the environment.” He said that Kashmir Valley has witnessed the worst deluge during the year 2014 and the same was attributed by the experts to the continuous environmental degradation. “The garbage dumped in the rivers over the years was returned to us and the same was found in our residences,” he said. He asked the students to proactively work to stop the environmental degradation and help in regaining the pristine glory of lakes and forests areas in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh.
In his keynote speech, former, Vice Chancellor, Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU), Prof. Mohammad Aslam Parvaiz, said the valley of Kashmir has been bestowed with the bounties of nature in the form of rivers, gushing streams, huge forest covers and mountains, and the need of the hour was to preserve and conserve the natural environment. “The people of the valley should take necessary measures and steps to stop the environmental degradation so that the natural bounties could be enjoyed by the next generation,” he said. Prof. Mohammad Aslam Parvaiz said that living beings including microorganisms are completely dependent on the natural resources and hence the preservation of the same was imperative. He cautioned that continuous deforestation would lead to flash floods and other adverse climatic conditions, thus harming the humans.
Addressing the participants, Registrar, Prof. M Afzal Zargar, said, the theme for this year’s World Environment Day is ‘Ecosystem Restoration.’ He said the environment plays a pivotal role for the survival of mankind and fiddling with it can cause extensive damages to the health and prosperity of the people. Prof. Zargar said the green houses gases have already caused huge damages to the ozone layer and the need of the hours was to heal the mother nature by using ecofriendly vehicles and install anti emission equipment in the factories, emitting deadly gases.
Speaking on the occasion, Assistant Prof. Department of Religious Studies, Dr. Nazir Ahmad Zargar, quoted several verses of Holy Quran and said the Allah SWT has strictly asked the humans to desist from causing any harm to the environment. “The moment people will violate the natural balance, the whole universe would turn against them,” he said, adding the Quran has asked the people with wisdom and intellect to reflect upon the universe and ponder upon it, in order to glorify the creations of Allah SWT.
Welcoming the guests, Dean Students Welfare, Dr. Mehraj Ud Din Shah, said the main objective to commemorate the day is to know and understand from the speakers about the revelations from Allah SWT in the holy Quran for guiding the humans to maintain the clean and sustainable environment. “The humans have to maintain the natural equilibrium and stop environmental degradation and the Holy Quran is the best guide for the same,” he added. Earlier, students Ms Tabiya Hameed, recited verses from Holy Qur’an while Shokiya Jan recited a poem in Kashmiri.
Assistant Professor, Deptt of Kashmiri, Dr. Ali Muhammad Dar, introduced the guest of honor and keynote speaker. Asst Prof, Deptt of Kashmiri, Dr. Saeena Geelani, conducted the programme proceedings while Coordinator, Deptt of Kashmiri, Dr. Irfan Aalam, proposed the vote of thanks.


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