Bar hails efforts of international community for timely intervention in Palestine

SRINAGAR: J&K High Gourt Bar Association thanks the international community for acknowledging the sufferings of Palestinian people and timely interventional to seek immediate end to the human sufferings there.
In a statement issued here it sadi that it is a wellcome step forward in right direction for durable peace in the middle east.The international community must similarly focus on Kashmir to seek end of human sufferings in this part of the globe and secure settlement of the Kashmir issue with same political will and is good enough that paestinian sufferings are brought before the world community but it is equally important to focus on the human sufferings in Kashmir as because of curbs on vernacular and social media networks and state repression what befalls on the people in J&K ,is not made known to the world community due to non access of the world media in Kashmir
It is pertinent to mention in last two years more than 600 Kashmiris are killed and more than 500 residential houses are blasted in the name of counterinsurgency operations by the Indian forces in J&K bsides more than 10,000 Kashmiris were booked and the detained under the draconian laws legitimising the state repression .
The state of J&K is structurally destroyed in terms of demography and political orientation.The silence of the international community on Kashmir is prejudicial to the existence of a community which is vanishing in thin air
The association while welcoming the efforts of the world community appeals the United Nations Organisation ,European Council and organisation of Islamic Cooperation to focus on Kashmir to bring human sufferings in Kashmir and call upon India and Pakistan to settle the kashmir issue in accordance with the legitimate aspirations and expectations of the people of J&K as early as possible in light of the UN charter and UN S C resolutions on Kashmir .
India and Pakistan are called upon to restore the geo-political status of the princely state of J&K to begin with the peace process in the subcontinent and restore and respect the basic human and political rights of the people of J&K.

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