Always beneficial to identify symptoms early and consult a doctor: Dr. Zarka Amin, Senior Consultant

People with co-morbidity need to be extra careful and get vaccinated

BUDGAM: Senior Consultant Physician, District Hospital Budgam Dr. Zarka Amin today said that people with co-morbidity are at higher risk of Covid-19 disease so they need to be extra cautious during the prevailing second wave of Covid-19 pandemic. Dr. Zarka urged that people with co-morbidity should come forward and actively participate in COVID-19 vaccination drive as the process of vaccination will mitigate the severity of illness among co-morbids.
People with co-morbidity include diabetics, those with hypertension, individuals with cardiovascular ailments or who have undergone recent surgery. Co-morbids with diabetes need to keep sugar level under control and should take prescribed medication regularly and same applies to individuals suffering from hypertension or any other ailment, Dr. Zarka added.
Dr. Zarka further said, the public need not to panic, fatality rate is very low and most of the Covid-19 positive patients show mild symptoms. She said that, infected person should not ignore symptoms like fever, cough, myalgia bodyache, sore throat and cold. Such symptoms should be immediately reported to doctors to avert the threat of Covid-19 symptoms becoming severe which may prove life threatening.


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