Environmental Sciences, CBS, BGSBU organises special lecture

Rajouri: Environmental Sciences, Centre for Biodiversity Studies, BGSB University, Rajouri organised a special lecture on Environmental Approaches and Interventions on May 17, 2021 by Dr M. Prashanth, Senior Assistant Professor, IGNOU, New Delhi. The lecture witnessed the participation of students from various Departments of the BGSB University including Biotechnology, Botany, English, Mathematics and Microbiology.
Prof. Aakbar Masood, Vice Chancellor BGSBU in his message highlighted that the there are numerous environmental challenges that impact society, economy and environment such as unsustainable consumption and production, environmental displacement, antimicrobial resistance, sand and dust storm, unsafe nano-materials, poverty, energy insecurity, unemployment, migration, loss of biodiversity, pollution, natural disasters.He said that different stakeholders have to collectively tackle these threats by adopting innovative approaches.
The speaker emphasized that the world is increasingly recognizing that environmental challenges such as climate change, environmental degradation, unsustainable consumption and production practices, resource scarcity have a significant impact on economies and the people. In addition, he gave a comprehensive account of the environment which stands as highly potent in providing solutions for accelerated socio-economic transformation to solve leading challenges of food insecurity, poverty, unemployment, food waste, migration and implementation of global commitments. For effective implementation of global commitments and solutions to environmental challenges, there is need to re-focus our development pathways and for the effective implementation of SDGs and other related global commitments.
Prof. Iqbal Parwez, Dean, School of Biosciences and Biotechnology in his message, stressed thatthere must be a growing need to find innovative approaches that can help to address sustainability while offering opportunities for growth, cost reduction, competitiveness and prosperity.
Dr Shreekar Pant, Coordinator, Centre for Biodiversity Studies introduced the speaker and conducted the proceedings of the programme.
Dr. Mamta Bhat, Assistant Professor Centre for Biodiversity Studies proposed formal vote of thanks.

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