North End Enterprises Sanat Nagar ramps up oxygen supply for hospitals, NGOs

SRINAGAR: While most of Oxygen Concentration Plants in Jammu & Kashmir supply medical oxygen to Government owned hospitals, North End Enterprises (NEE) running an oxygen concentration plant at Sanat Nagar Industrial Estate Srinagar is catering to both Government hospitals and Non Government Organizations (NGOs), working tirelessly alongside the administration in its fight against the prevailing pandemic. It is also providing oxygen cylinders to Covid positive patients isolated in home and are in need of oxygen, said Yasir Shafi, in charge of the plant.
Earlier the NEE was catering to both Industrial and Medical demand oxygen, but, “since the outbreak of second wave, our plant entirely has shifted hundred percent focus to the medical oxygen production as demanded by the government and current situation also demand so”, he said.
The capacity of the Oxygen Concentration Plant, NEE, peaks at 60 cubic meters per hour and is functioning round the clock for a month now, Yasir Informed and added that the oxygen is supplied to Government Hospitals including Govt Medical College, Doda, NGOs and persons having proper permission and approval from the district administration. “Before second wave the plant was working only for 16 hours”, he said
As oxygen supply has become rudimentary lifeline during this covid pandemic, “it is our moral responsibility to help Government in maintaining the smooth supply of oxygen to hospitals and concerned organizations to avert tragedies due to disruption in oxygen supply chain”, he said.
He praised and commended the employees working in his plant for 24/7 during the current crisis to ensure plant functions to its optimum capacity.
Industries & Commerce department in a statement reiterated that there are four oxygen manufacturing plants in Kashmir Division having an overall production capacity of 17400 cubic metre which equals to a total production of roughly 2483 oxygen cylinders in 24 hours.
The Industries & Commerce department is closely monitoring the functioning of the oxygen plants and has deployed Industrial promotion Officers (IPOs) to maintain oversight of the whole production and distribution process which has helped streamline the oxygen distribution to a large extent.

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