Over 84 lakh COVID vaccine doses still available with states, UTs; 17.49 cr jabs provided so far: Centre

Over 84 lakh COVID vaccine doses still available with states, UTs; 17.49 cr jabs provided so far: Centre

NEW DELHI: More than 84 lakh COVID-19 vaccine doses are still available with states and union territories and over 53 lakh doses will be distributed to them in the next three days, the Centre said on Saturday.

In an official statement, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said that so far over 17.49 crore vaccine doses have been provided to states/UTs, out of which around 16.7 crore doses have been consumed.

“Of the vaccine doses provided, the total consumption, including wastages, is 16,65,49,583 doses (as per data available at 8 am on Saturday).

More than 84 lakh COVID vaccine doses (84,08,187) are still available with states/UTs to be administered,” the ministry said.

It said that states with a negative balance are showing more consumption (including wastage) than vaccine supplied as they have “not reconciled the vaccine they have supplied to the armed forces”.

“Furthermore, more than 53 lakh (53,25,000) vaccine doses will be received in addition by states/UTs within the next three days,” the ministry announced.

It said that Delhi received 40.22 lakh vaccine doses, out of which it consumed 36.09 lakh doses.

The ministry said that the national capital still has a balance of 4.12 lakh doses available and within the next three days, it is likely to receive one lakh doses more.

The projected population of Delhi was taken at 2.04 crore as on October 1, 2020.

Out of the 53.25 lakh vaccine doses expected to be distributed among states and union territories in the next three days, Gujarat will get 8.98 lakh vaccine doses, which is the maximum number of doses any state or UT will receive.

The state had got over 1.39 crore doses while it consumed 1.35 crore doses.

Following Gujarat is Maharashtra, which is likely to receive 6.03 lakh vaccine doses. Rajasthan will receive 4.50 lakh doses and Uttar Pradesh will get four lakh doses.

Other states like West Bengal, Bihar and Chhattisgarh will get 3.95 lakh, 3.64 lakh and 3 lakh doses of vaccine, respectively.

Jammu and Kashmir will get 84,700 doses in the next three days.

It has a projected population of 1.33 crore and had received 26.

81 lakh doses out of which it has already consumed 26.72 lakh doses.

According to data shared by the ministry, 16 states and union territories, which are not going to get more doses in the next three days, are Haryana, Ladakh, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, Arunachal Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Tripura, Sikkim, Puducherry, Nagaland, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Manipur, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep and Goa.

The maximum wastage of vaccine doses was recorded at Lakshadweep, which wasted 22.7 per cent of the doses it received.

This was followed by Haryana with 6.65 per cent wastage, Assam with 6.07 per cent, Rajasthan with 5.50 per cent, Punjab with 5.05 per cent, Bihar with 4.96 per cent, Dadra and Nagar Haveli with 4.93 per cent, Meghalaya with 4.21 per cent, Tamil Nadu with 3.94 per cent and Manipur with 3.56 per cent wastage.

A record 4,187 COVID-19 fatalities in a day took India’s death toll to 2,38,270, while 4,01,078 new infections were reported during the period, pushing the tally of cases to 2,18,92,676, according to Union Health Ministry data on Saturday.

The 4,187 new fatalities include 898 from Maharashtra, 592 from Karnataka, 372 from Uttar Pradesh, 341 from Delhi, 208 from Chhattisgarh, 197 from Tamil Nadu, 165 from Punjab, 164 from Rajasthan, 162 from Haryana, 137 from Uttarakhand, 136 from Jharkhand, 119 from Gujarat and 112 from West Bengal.

Of the 2,38,270 deaths reported in the country so far, 74,413 were from Maharashtra, 18,739 from Delhi, 17,804 from Karnataka, 15,171 from Tamil Nadu, 14,873 from Uttar Pradesh, 12,076 from West Bengal, 10,158 from Chhattisgarh and 10,144 from Punjab.

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