CVC revises SOPs for intensive examination of government depts, banks, PSUs

New Delhi: The Central Vigilance Commission has revised Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for carrying out an intensive examination of different government departments, public sector banks and PSUs.
The Chief Technical Examiners’ Organisation (CTEO) of the CVC conducts intensive examinations of all contractual activities of the central government, central public sector undertakings, public sector banks and other organisations.
The scope of its examination includes execution of works, purchase of goods, hiring of services, etc, which are mainly funded by the central government.
In its revised SOPs, the CVC has decided a new time limit and procedure to deal with the examination.
The Commission has directed that the procedure and time limit as prescribed in the revised SOP should be strictly adhered to by the authorities in the organisations concerned, the probity watchdog said in an order.
As per the revised SOP, a proposal containing procurement contracts of various organisations to be taken up for intensive examination will be put up by chief technical examiners through the Secretary, CVC, for approval of the Commission.
On approval of the proposal by the Commission, intimation will be sent to the Chief Vigilance Officers (CVOs) of respective organisations for submission of relevant documents/details/information to the CTEO for study, before taking up intensive examination, the order issued on Thursday said.
Dates of intensive examination will be communicated to CVOs of the organisation concerned, who will be responsible for ensuring availability of all concerned persons, documents, testing equipments etc during intensive examination, it said.
All necessary documents/information will be collected by the CTEO’s team carrying out the intensive examination during the period of intensive examination itself, it further said.
CVO of the organisation concerned shall be responsible for making such documents/information available during intensive examination to the CTEO’s team, said the order issued to secretaries of all central government departments and the chief executives of public sector banks and insurance companies among others.
Within 15 days of the completion of the intensive examination exercise, a draft report containing various observations /paras will be prepared by the CTEO, it said.
The CTEO will prepare observations having prima facie vigilance angle; observations requiring recovery to be effected from the contractor; observations requiring rectification of defects/quality compromises and observations requiring systemic improvement, the order said.
In case of observations/paras having prima facie vigilance angle, a proposal will be put by the branch officer concerned through the Additional Secretary concerned to the Secretary, CVC, for Commission’s approval within seven days, before sending the case to the CVO of the organisation concerned for investigation and report, it said.
While time for investigation and report will be 12 weeks, factual report will be required to be submitted by the CVOs within one month, the order said.
Overall time limit for conclusion of an intensive examination case shall be six months from date of issue of an intensive examination report, it added. —PTI

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