Some Standalone Shops, Public Transport With 50% Capacity To Be Allowed During Lockdown In Srinagar


Srinagar: Administration in Srinagar on Thursday said that wholesale dealers, standalone grocery, vegetable, meat and milk shops may remain open during the 84 lockdown beginning this evening.

In a detailed order, a copy of which lies with GNS, the Deputy Commissioner Srinagar Mohammad Aijaz Assad also said that restaurants in hotels can remain functional for in-house guests, to be served only in the rooms.

“There will be no hindrance to the smooth movement of goods and essential supplies, nomads migrating with herds, Darbar Move Officials/ staff, and other products like agricultural / horticultural goods, on the National & State Highways.”
He said there shall he no restriction on interstate and intra slate movement of essential goods either.

“All Industrial and Scientific establishment, both Public & Private, are allowed to operate for production purposes, or otherwise. Internet services, IT, Telecom, IT enabled services’ sector, including c-Commerce are permitted.”
He said there shall be no restriction on the movement of Government Officials for attending office, duties on production of I-Cards and Official Orders.

“All development/ construction works shall be allowed to continue without any hindrance.”

The vaccination drive shall not be halted, he said. “Localized mobile teams shall be constituted to provide vaccination in colonics, residential areas and containment zones.”

Regarding non-permissible activities, he said there shall be a complete ‘corona’ curfew with no movement of people except for permissible activities only.
“All Educational institutions are already closed and shall continue to remain closed,” he said, adding, “All Shopping Complexes, Bazaars, Saloons, Barber Shops, Cinema Halls, Restaurants & Bars, Sport Complexes, Gyms, Spas, Swimming Pools, Parks, Zoos, etc, shall remain closed.”

He said religious and social gatherings such as marriages, attended by up to 50 persons only, whether indoors or outdoors, and funerals / last rites, attended by up to 20 persons only, are allowed.

“Public transport shall be allowed to operate at a maximum of 50% capacity only and this shall be strictly enforced.”

He said Health Department will establish telemedicine facilities for patients isolating at home. “Dedicated Control room numbers for this shall be widely publicized,” adding, “Direct admission of patients in tertiary care hospitals shall be allowed only on referral from a district hospital except for emergencies.”

All COVID patients being admitted lo tertiary hospitals in Jammu and Srinagar shall necessarily be based on referral from their respective District hospitals, except for grave emergencies.

“Last but not the least, public at large is also being informed that Section 51 of the Disaster Management Act provides for penalties in case a person obstructs any officer or employee in discharge of his functions or refuses to comply with any direction given under this Act. Any violation of the above directions will, therefore, lead to prosecution under section 51 of the Disaster Management Act, 2005. SSP Srinagar shall strictly enforce compliance to this order.” (GNS)

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