SAI organises mind training workshop for Indian women’s hockey team

NEW DELHI: The Olympic-bound Indian women’s hockey team on Tuesday underwent an online mental training workshop with renowned sports psychologist Mugdha Bavare organised by the Sports Authority of India.
The workshop, held under the aegis of Target Olympic Podium, is part of a series of sessions for Tokyo-bound athletes.
The players were guided through a visualisation activity as a part of strengthening the mental training, boosting the positive energy of the team as a whole and overall, making mental training an integral day-to-day activity.
“We have focused on mindset improvement ever since I started training the team in 2017,” India women’s hockey coach Sjoerd Marijne said in a release.
“It’s a constant process of learning from the experiences and doing good things. We are continuing doing this with the girls.
Also, besides self-talk, we also encourage these players to talk to us whenever they need help.”
Bavare engaged the players in a range of activities including online polls and practical demonstrations.
“Mental training is defined by the way you think and how you want to take it to a match,” Bavare said.
“Physical and technical aspects should be in balance with mental training for 100 per cent performance. Facing anxieties is normal for sportspersons.
“Mind trainers and psychologists are constantly there to support you. Training the mind every single day is important.” Besides Marijne, analytical coach Janneke Schopman, other coaches and representatives of Hockey India were present in the online workshop.
“We have worked on our mental health and our coaches have always told us before a match not to focus on the result but on the present moment,” India goalkeeper Savita Punia said.
“Once we enter the dug-out, we are told not to think of the past result or the outcome of a match.”


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