Summer power curtailment schedule to be out next week

Summer power curtailment schedule to be out next week

2 hour cuts in metered, 3.5 in non-metered areas: Chief Engineer

Srinagar: Power curtailment schedule in Kashmir is expected to change from next week with Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation Ltd (KPDCL) proposing two hour cuts in metered areas and 3 to 3.5 hours in non-metered areas.

Currently, non-metered face 7 hours power cut while metered witness areas witness outage for 5 hours.

Chief Engineer KPDCL Aijaz Ahmad Dar told Kashmir Reader that the department is going to review the power supply curtailment schedule next week ahead of summer.

According to him, they have reduced curtailments to half in certain parts of the Valley as compared to winter months. During winters, Kashmir faces acute shortage of power supply triggering long power outages, causing huge inconvenience to consumers.

“From the last 48 hours, we have been gradually reducing the power curtailment schedule in several parts of the Valley by 50% for both metered and non-metered zones. In many areas, the power supply is fed in accordance with the 50 percent reduction in current curtailment schedule.

“In other areas, the gradual reduction in power curtailment schedule is currently going on. We hope to achieve 50 percent reduction in the existing power curtailment schedule by the end of this week,” Dar said.

In the new schedule, according to the chief engineer, the distribution of power will be rationalised and those areas which pay electricity bills will get better power supply.

“The feeders on which the department usually receives better recovery of revenue and controlled amount of load will eventually be getting more hours of power supply in the summer. While faulty feeders lacking both revenue collection and judicious use of power supply will be dealt with a similar kind of approach,” he said.

With the arrival of Ramadan, the KPDC will provide uninterrupted power supply throughout the month especially during the peak times of Sehri (dawn) and Iftaar (dusk) which remain abuzz with the wide array of activities associated with the sacred month.

Dar urged people to cooperate with the department and make judicious use of electricity in their homes and elsewhere. “In the process of ensuring stable power supply, public cooperation is important,” he added.


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