Webinar on World Water Day organised by IEI

Srinagar: The Institution of Engineers, India (IEI) J&K State Centre, Srinagar in collaboration with National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM), Govt of India, National Institute of Technology (NIT) Srinagar and SSM College of Engineering and Technology, Parihaspora Pattan, held a Webinar on World Water Day.
The programme was inaugurated by Er. Aamir Ali, Chairman IEI. Speaking on the occasion he said that every year 22nd March is observed as World Water Day and the day focuses on the importance and need to conserve water, ensure its judicious use and to help create public awareness about the issue, this year’s theme is “Valuing Water”. He said that water is a precious and scarce resource that must be managed with respect and highest degree of responsibility. It’s a gift that has to be managed and distributed with equity among all living beings, humans, animals and plant life and without water it is impossible to think of life, sanitation or hygiene. He pointed out that despite having so many water resources in J&K the water scarcity is rapidly affecting the State, particularly in the urban areas. He said that as per Sustainable Development Goals, efforts have to be made to strive towards achieving universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water for everyone, by the year 2030 and improve the water quality, by reducing pollution and untreated wastewater and increase recycling of water. He said that water should be used efficiently to reduce water scarcity and implement integrated water resources management by taking water harvesting measures.
The programme was coordinated by Er. Aaquib Sultana Waheed Deva, Honorary Secretary IEI. The Patrons for the Webinar were Major General Manoj Kumar Bindal, Executive Director NIDM and Er Narendra Singh, President IEI. Experts, who spoke on the occasion, included Dr. Amir A. Khan, Faculty NIDM, Er. Naseer Ahmed Magray, Assistant Professor SSM College, Mudasir Mehmood Malik, Project Coordinator, Wullar Conservation & Management Authority (WUCMA), Dr Shagoofta Rasool Shah, Professor NIT Srinagar and Er. S.R.S. Madni, Former Chief Engineer & Secretary PHE Department.
The experts deliberated on the fact that there is urgent need to protect and restore water-related ecosystems, mountains, forests, wetlands, rivers, aquifers and lakes as our water bodies have been victims of unplanned urbanization, encroachments, combined with disposal of drainage and sewage and sharp decline in our ground-water resources. The experts said that “Valuing Water” means recognizing all its benefits, including economic, social and ecological dimensions. They said that the ecosystem is a critical part of the global water cycle and freshwater is dependent on a healthy ecosystem. The experts said that climate change amplifies the relationship between development & water demand; higher temperatures, extreme weather conditions affect availability and distribution of rainfall, snowmelt, river flows and groundwater, and further deteriorate the water quality. Disasters also manifest in the form of floods, tsunamis, storms or drought and water-borne diseases. They said that in order to meet the challenges associated with water-related disasters there is a need to invest and implement appropriate disaster risk-reduction strategies.
A documentary prepared by Er. Abdul Rashid Bhat, on the importance of water conservation, was also screened during the Webinar. The participants, who participated in the Webinar, included Mohmmed Suhail Wani & Bilquees Dar, Consultants Disaster Management, Senior Government functionaries, IEI Council & Corporate Members, Executive Committee Members, Disaster Management Professionals, Students, NGOs, Civil Society members, Volunteers from Civil Defence and Media.

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