Thousands throng Hazratabal shrine on Friday following

Thousands throng Hazratabal shrine on Friday following

Srinagar: Huge rush of devotees was witnessed at Hazratbal shrine in Srinagar on the following Friday of Mehraj-ul-Nabi (SAW) which also marks displaying of Holy relic after congregational prayers.
Earlier, on Shab E Meraj last Friday, the unfavourable weather conditions had drastically affected the usual rush of devotees at the shrine.
However, huge rush of devotees including men, women and children were seen heading towards the shrine to offer congregational prayers and have the glimpse of holy relic.
Devotees in massive numbers were seen offering the congrega- tional Friday prayers with the rows of people outside the shrine after no space was left inside leaving everything jam packed with the devotees.
After the culmination of prayers, the head priest displayed the holy relics of Prophet Muhammad(SAW) to thousands of devotees who were eagerly waiting to have the glimpse over wide area around the shrine.

The devotees especially women were seen bursting into tears and calling out loud to seek the blessings of holy Prophet(SAW) whilst receiving the glimpse of the holy relics.
As the holy relics were displayed, special Naats to commemorate the eve of Shab E Meraj were being also recited alongside on the loudspeaker which enthralled the devotees and left them all into tears. Given the huge rush of devotees, traffic jams were also witnessed in the Hazratbal and its adjoining areas even though, the traffic department was seen on toes to prevent any traffic gridlocks.

Usually, on the eve of Shab E Meraj, the holy relics of holy Prophet Muhammad(SAW) is dispayed at the shrine for two consecutive days initially, and then the Friday following the Meraj.

Each year, Shab-E-Mehraj is celebrated on the 27th of Islamic month, Rajab-ul-Murrajab, in which the shrines and mosques across Kashmir remain abuzz with its celebrations. The eve, also called as Al-Isra-wal-Miraj holds significance, as the Prophet Muhammad(SAW) is believed to have went on a special journey to meet Allah after crossing over seven skies on this day.

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